I'm Elin!

A production designer - ready to make a set

you won´t forget!

I´ve watched so many beautiful Italian movies and therefore started studying production design at the Istituto Europeo di design in Rome, where my passion for scenery and production design really took off.

I can´t say the food and weather made it worse.

 I later moved back to Sweden and completed a bachelor in Stage Production at Malmö University and after that a year of art studies at Nyckelviksskolan in Stockholm.

I´m a Production designer that loves to deliver my visual ideas in an old school way, through detailed hand drawings and by creating small models of the sets. All to make it as visual as possible to see

the end result.

I also have a good knowledge in graphic design and like to make my own logotypes.

I have a great passion for creating beautiful and realistic set designs.

Creating the right atmosphere is key to make an environment as credible as possible.

Even on a stormy set, I keep calm and structured and always try to deliver mind-blowing results, regardless of the project or the location. 

I´m represented by Magnolia Agency.